Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Against my best efforts today was a bit of a bust.  Yesterday I got caught in a speed trap in Carlsbad which requires a mandatory court appearance (seriously?!).  Delayed my morning and ruined any chance of a decent hike.  I’m not a fan of this town and don’t plan to return.  Back on the road now heading to the next destination…

See those clouds in the distance?  That is supposed to be Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  People joke that I bring bad weather with me – it’s starting to look more true with every trip.

I stopped in to the visitor center anyways to check out the displays & stamp my passport book.  I kept bargaining with myself whether or not to hike with views of only the clouds…

Then my sanity & good judgement returned.  Lightning + Humans = No Bueno.  Going back towards Las Cruces now, weather apps say flash floods are on the way.  I will be back here for sure!

Lat = 31.8922195 , Long = -104.8219299 -- Show at Google Maps

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