Chamizal National Memorial

Chamizal National Memorial - El Paso Gracias A Dios

On my way back to Cruces I passed through El Paso again.  Flash floods in the desert aren’t much fun to drive through and today looked like a good time for indoor activities. Lucky for me I was passing right by Chamizal National Memorial.  This site commemorates the peaceful settlement of the Chamizal boundary dispute, … Read more

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park - Covered in Clouds

Against my best efforts today was a bit of a bust.  Yesterday I got caught in a speed trap in Carlsbad which requires a mandatory court appearance (seriously?!).  Delayed my morning and ruined any chance of a decent hike.  I’m not a fan of this town and don’t plan to return.  Back on the road … Read more

2011 Las Cruces, NM Vacation

Visited my family in Las Cruces, New Mexico back in October 2011 and had a blast!  Here are some photos of our adventures for your enjoyment.  Will update the captions and such at some point in the future if I get the time! White Sands National Monument Prehistoric Trackways National Monument National Solar Observatory/ Sacramento … Read more