Leine Lodge & Brewery Tour

Leinenkugels Brewery & Leine Lodge

What’s this – I’m taking pictures of something not in the wilderness?! When in Rome (or Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin) if you are presented the opportunity for a brewery tour you take it goshdarnit dontchaknow. So today I’m killing a few hours and maybe a couple brewskis at the Leinenkugels Brewery & Leine Lodge store. Inside … Read more

New Glarus Brewery

New Glarus Brewery -  Swiss-style Building

A visit to the town of New Glarus and hiking at New Glarus Woods State Park without visiting New Glarus Brewery isn’t a complete visit at all, is it? The town of New Glarus has very old Swiss heritage with many buildings crafted in that style, including the brewery’s main Hilltop location. At the entrance … Read more

Minhas Brewery Museum

Minhas Craft Brewery - Monroe, Wisconsin

After hiking New Glarus Woods State Park I had some time to kill before going home.  Stopped off at the Minhas Craft Brewery to check out their setup.  Tons of old memorabilia here in a multi-part “museum”! Minhas was founded in 1845 and is the oldest brewery in the Midwest (2nd oldest in the entire … Read more

2014 Road Trip – Tröegs and Devons

Tröegs beer flight

One of the main reasons we chose to go this route was a suggestion by another friend (also named Dan) who heard Tröegs Brewing Company had some killer microbrews and he was spot on.  Took the brewery tour, enjoyed fresh beer and filled up some growlers to bring back home.  They had a good food program but … Read more

2014 Road Trip – Pat and Geno’s Steaks

Geno's Steaks, Philadelphia

How can anyone from the dairyland WI go without a cheesesteak sandwich, the trademark of Philly?  In typical tourist fashion we stopped at both Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steaks, both famous steak shops that are kiddie-corner from each other and are always super busy.  Learned how to order and got both a “wiz wit” and … Read more

2011 Las Cruces, NM Vacation

Visited my family in Las Cruces, New Mexico back in October 2011 and had a blast!  Here are some photos of our adventures for your enjoyment.  Will update the captions and such at some point in the future if I get the time! White Sands National Monument Prehistoric Trackways National Monument National Solar Observatory/ Sacramento … Read more