Leine Lodge & Brewery Tour

Leinenkugels Brewery & Leine Lodge

What’s this – I’m taking pictures of something not in the wilderness?! When in Rome (or Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin) if you are presented the opportunity for a brewery tour you take it goshdarnit dontchaknow. So today I’m killing a few hours and maybe a couple brewskis at the Leinenkugels Brewery & Leine Lodge store. Inside … Read more

Duncan Creek Rapids

Duncan Creek Rapids - Upstream view from bridge at Columbia Street

Another quick stop in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin at Duncan Creek Rapids. This one is very easy to access right from the bridge on Columbia Street just off WI-124.  The downstream views aren’t very exciting but there are smaller riffles for quite some distance. Upstream of the bridge is the real feature – several substantial rapids … Read more

Lake Wissota Rapids

Lake Wissota Rapids

Today was a bit less eventful due to the long drive & strong thunderstorms but I still squeezed in a few neat places.  First one was at Lake Wissota Rapids in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Access is quite easy through the Chippewa County Riverview Reserve / Area 178 nature park trails. Alongside the trail are some … Read more

Lake Wissota State Park

Lake Wissota State Park - Parked near trailhead

Last night I was informed by park attendants while at Willow River State Park that rain would begin promptly at 6am today.  Sure enough, heavy thunderstorms started at 6:15am.  Thankfully I woke early and broke down camp quick.  My next stop was not planned – more of an “I’m bored and tired of driving in rain” … Read more