Duncan Creek Rapids

Another quick stop in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin at Duncan Creek Rapids. This one is very easy to access right from the bridge on Columbia Street just off WI-124.  The downstream views aren’t very exciting but there are smaller riffles for quite some distance.

Upstream of the bridge is the real feature – several substantial rapids that drop maybe 1-2 feet each. Nice scenery for an otherwise urban environment. Including on my blog mainly to finish the quest of visiting all WI waterfalls (this one is on the list, is it really a “falls” though?).

It is possible to jump the guardrail down to water level but views here aren’t as good as from the bridge.  Getting any closer would involve some wading – wasn’t on my list today.

At this moment some huge thunderstorms started dumping on my head.  This screenshot was before I arrived – can you guess which orange blob I was underneath? Fear not – every tragedy has a silver lining. This time it was in the form of a burrito at Casa Mexicana in downtown Chippewa Falls.


Here’s a short video of the rapids in action. Enjoy!

Lat = 44.9395142 , Long = -91.3917465 -- Show at Google Maps

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