Three Foot Falls Rd517 [Failed]

Threefoot Falls Rd517 - Fail

Swing and a miss today attempting Three Foot Falls (Rd517) in Marinette County.  These falls are on the Pike River about 1/2 mile away from Eighteen Foot Falls but there are no good formal trails to get there.  First part is to find County Forest Road 517 at the intersection with 12 Foot Falls Road.  … Read more Three Foot Falls Rd517 [Failed]

Four Foot Falls

Four Foot Falls - Unique waterfall

Continuing down the Pike River our next stop is at Four Foot Falls.  The narrow entrance road is basically across the street from Carney Rapids and the parking area can be very soft & sandy.  You can get here in a normal car but something with high clearance isn’t a bad idea. The hike isn’t … Read more Four Foot Falls

Carney Rapids

Carney Rapids - View from above on the bridge

Very quick stop at Carney Rapids on the North Branch Pike River near Dunbar, Wisconsin.  It’s called a rapids but actually drops a few feet enough to call it a waterfall. Here’s the view from the road/bridge above – no hiking required, just park on the shoulder and walk a few steps.  Not much else … Read more Carney Rapids

Dave’s Falls

Dave’s Falls – Main view of falls

Rain has been on & off all day but that won’t stop the waterfall train a rollin’.  Next stop is at Dave’s Falls County Park – a place I hadn’t researched much and wasn’t sure what to expect. A memorial tombstone is just off the parking lot.  Appears the park is named for Dave Frechette, … Read more Dave’s Falls

Bull Falls (Amberg)

Bull Falls (Amberg)

Bull Falls in Amberg, Wisconsin is yet another amazing sight to behold in Marinette County.  The trail to the falls is almost unrecognizable in the overgrown grass and brush, but following a path to the left of huge power poles will get you there. Views upstream of the falls at a distance are surprisingly mild.  … Read more Bull Falls (Amberg)

Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls - View of main falls

Another unique waterfall in Marinette County is Horseshoe falls which is downstream from Twelve Foot Falls still on the Pike River.  Trail head is easy to find though it does require navigating some forest roads. The trail starts off in quite nice condition with a firm base of gravel.  You can see how green and … Read more Horseshoe Falls

Eighteenfoot Falls

Eighteen Foot Falls - View from the top

More falls in Marinette County but sadly this shortened due to rain.  Quick stop at Eighteen Foot Falls in Dunbar, Wisconsin.  Trail is only 300 yards but does include some short challenging rock sections. Second signpost at trail head warns of DANGEROUS OVERLOOK so naturally this one must be good. View at the top of … Read more Eighteenfoot Falls

Twelve Foot & Eight Foot Falls

Twelve Foot Falls - View from a distance

If you are a fan of waterfalls definitely don’t skip over Marinette County.  So many amazing places to see up here.  This stop was a 2-for-1 at Twelve Foot Falls County Park in Dunbar, Wisconsin. Twelve Foot Falls Just steps from the parking lot at the first park bench you can see Twelve Foot Falls … Read more Twelve Foot & Eight Foot Falls

Miscauno Falls [Failed]

Miscauno Club - Private Property

Miscauno Falls is located in Beecher, Wisconsin however it is locked on private property within the Miscauno Club.  I visited anyway to see if there is contact information posted but found nothing besides a big red gate.  Doesn’t appear there is any easy public access to this area.  Failed but including on my blog for … Read more Miscauno Falls [Failed]

Pemene Falls

Pemene Falls - View from above on hiking trail

Continuing along the Menominee River in White Pine Haven, Wisconsin my next stop at Pemene Falls carried me into Faithorn Township, Michigan as the best access point.  From the parking area it’s only a short walk to the falls down a dirt path.  Lots of rapids upstream and downstream. From above the falls looking down it’s … Read more Pemene Falls