Rock Falls (2021)

Rock Falls - Drone view of the main falls

Made a quick pitstop while in Ellsworth, WI and took a peek at the map. Realized I wasn’t far away from Rock Falls where I had previously missed out due to road construction. Someone told me the work was now done, so I headed to the small town to see what I could find. There … Read more

Trimbelle River Falls

Trimbelle Recreation Area - Small falls near the walking bridge

Another quick stop in Ellsworth, Wisconsin to see another teeny tiny rapids/falls, also on the Trimbelle River. This one doesn’t have a name other than being called Trimbelle River Falls. Access is very easy via the short trails within the Trimbelle Recreation Area (aka Trimbelle Acres County Park). From the trail sign, it’s a very … Read more

GasLite Bar and Grill Falls

GasLite Bar and Grill - Small rapids/falls under the bridge out back

Quick stop at a local joint called GasLite Bar and Grill in Ellsworth, Wisconsin to check out a possible small “falls” on the Trimbelle River that runs behind the property. Surprisingly, I thought this was just a small dive bar but boy was I wrong – they have a huge football-field sized yard out back … Read more

Willow River State Park – Willow River Spillway

Willow River Spillway - View from below/side

After years of waiting, the dam at Willow River State Park has been rebuilt and the far west area of the park is re-opened. I have been trying to access this spot for a long time as supposedly there are rapids below the previous dam that were quite nice. Access is now very easy via … Read more

Osceola Bedrock Glades Falls

Osceola Bedrock Glades Falls - Looking downstream standing next to main stretch of falls/rapids

Trying to squeeze in one last stop today as the sun was falling low on the horizon, I stopped at the trailhead for the Ridge View Trail: Osceola Loop in Osceola, Wisconsin. This is easy to find on River Road / County S and there is a small parking lot that holds maybe 10 vehicles. … Read more

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls - Zoomed view through trees from a distance

After having little to no plan for the day, I found the winds of adventure carried me back to Osceola, Wisconsin with a chance to find a falls I missed in the past. That begins at the Standing Cedars Buffalo Skull Tract, part of the Standing Cedars Community Land Conservancy. Last visit I was concerned … Read more

New Richmond Falls & Spillway

New Richmond Falls - Small rapids that stretch across the Willow River

It’s been a productive day and I’m already on my 5th stop of the morning. I took a short nap in the truck, and then found myself in New Richmond, Wisconsin which I had never been through before. Apparently there is a small falls/rapids downstream of a spillway so I figured we could check that … Read more

Gilbert Creek Falls

Gilbert Creek Falls

Quick stop on the shoulder of Highway 29 (also dedicated as World War I Veterans Memorial Hwy) where Gilbert Creek crosses under the culvert in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Supposedly there is a tiny waterfall here… About a hundred yards off the highway there is indeed a small drop of less than a foot. I do believe … Read more

330th Street Falls

330th Street Falls - Aerial view of the rapids/falls beneath the bridge

Quick stop in Menomonie, Wisconsin to check out a small falls under a bridge. Taking 330th street just south of Hwy 29 you’ll find Gilbert Creek quite easily. Parking on the shoulder is a little tricky but manageable – be mindful this is all private property so be respectful and don’t trespass on their lands! … Read more

Birch Creek Falls

Keil Birch Creek Preserve - Cascade style falls along Birch Creek

After visiting many falls across the state it isn’t often I get to see a new place without much detail about it found on the internet. Thanks to a tip from Bob at I found myself at Kiel Birch Creek Nature Preserve & State Natural Area in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Supposedly there are some nice … Read more