Gilbert Creek Falls

Quick stop on the shoulder of Highway 29 (also dedicated as World War I Veterans Memorial Hwy) where Gilbert Creek crosses under the culvert in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Supposedly there is a tiny waterfall here…

About a hundred yards off the highway there is indeed a small drop of less than a foot. I do believe this is public land, but I decided it wasn’t worth much more effort today. And from what I can see on satellite view there are a few more drops along the creek on this same plot of land if you want to look for yourself.

Here’s a zoomed in view of the teeny tiny drop. I had to use all the zoom I had for this little guy.

Not all of them are huge torrential whitewater flows cascading down mountains. But nothing is ever a waste of time. It’s a beautiful day with blue skies and puffy clouds, and the fall colors are still looking good (albeit a touch past peak). Back on the road to the next destination!

Lat = 44.8868294 , Long = -92.0842133 -- Show at Google Maps

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