Mill Pond Spillway

Mill Pond Spillway - Angle View

Last stop on my short weekend trip is just south of Grant Park on the Oak Creek Parkway at a small man-made “waterfall” (spillway) called Mill Pond Spillway. Not much fanfare at this location – only one small historical sign entitled “Millstones from Fowle Mill” detailing how the millpond was created to power the grist … Read more

Douglas Mill Pond Spillway

Douglas Mill Pond Spillway - View from below wading in Douglas Creek

I mostly try to visit only naturally-occurring waterfalls but today I’m making a quick stop in Melrose, Wisconsin to see the Douglas Mill Pond Spillway. Access from above is very easy – simply park near the intersection at Mill Street and Hogg Street and walk over the bridge. Not the ideal viewing spot but you … Read more

Rock Cut Dam & Swimming Falls

Swimming Falls - Looking over the falls from upstream

Back on the hunt for waterfalls at Rock Dam County Park & Campground near the remote small town of Willard, Wisconsin.  According to my notes this should be accessible through the campground. Nobody was available that day so I went around to Rock Cut Dam first to check for public access. Some excellent views of … Read more

Eau Galle Spillway

Eau Galle Spillway

Another quick stop for my checklist at Eau Galle Spillway. Not really interested much in man-made “waterfalls” but since I wasn’t far away I decided to make the drive just for laughs. Access is very easy via Eau Galle Park which is just a small roadside stop that time has forgotten and looks to be … Read more

Lake Redstone Falls

Lake Redstone Falls - Falls/Spillway

First stop on the morning of the 26th was another coin-flip chance at a waterfall located at Lake Redstone in LaValle, Wisconsin.  Absolutely zero people were here on arrival around 8am and the lake was mirror still. A large flat mound that looks like a dam / man-made feature?  Hmm thats strange, I was told … Read more

Apple River Falls

Apple River Falls

As I started driving back towards camp, the GPS took me briefly across the Mississippi River and into Minnesota at Hudson.  Came back into Wisconsin near Somerset, WI to search for Apple River Falls.  There is no parking area here, just a small area on a gravel shoulder (if you visit here, please be mindful … Read more

Glen Park Falls & Junction Falls

Glen Park Falls

Knocked out my failures early this morning but wasted lots of time doing so and it was now 5pm.  Glad for all the sunlight on long summer days.  My next stop of Glen Park in River Falls, Wisconsin was able to snag a quick and easy 2-for-1 by seeing Glen Park Falls & Junction Falls … Read more

Orienta Falls

Orienta Falls - Wide view of falls

After failing to locate Shale Falls I had no time to waste – the day was relatively young and more falls were ahead.  Next stop was Orienta Falls in the small town of Orienta, Wisconsin.  Parking area is easy to reach and not far off Hwy 13.  The trail isn’t much more than a worn … Read more

Menomonee Falls

Menomonee Falls waterfall

Another short detour near home and bagged another 2 waterfalls for my checklist.  This time it was Menomonee Falls just northwest of Milwaukee.  Starting at the far north end is Mill Pond Park which contains a spillway that was crafted to appear like a natural waterfall and is visible from the street. Directly south across … Read more