Cazenovia Memorial Park

Final stop on this weekend’s trip is Cazenovia Dam & Spillway. I don’t often visit man-made spillways but this one has a unique shape so I figured why not? Best views from above would be from the dam walkway but there are KEEP OFF DAM signs so I passed on that today.

Walking down the road & across the bridge overpass you can see the spillway from a distance but it is obscured by the trees and bushes. Even so it’s still easy to see how the right side is a multi-tier drop giving a nice cascade aesthetic. Water levels are very low so it isn’t flowing very much.

Same spot on the bridge but looking downstream on the Little Baraboo River Cazenovia Branch. Not much else to see but some very small riffles/rapids.

Back up top by the dam (and the best spot to park) is at the Cazenovia Memorial Park. There is a huge veteran’s memorial wall of names, a flag display, and the American Legion McNamara-Jasper Post 491 hall.

Also next to the building is a M4 Sherman tank named “Rosebud I”. A neat spot if you like that sort of thing. For me it’s time to head home and plan the next journey.

Lat = 43.5248108 , Long = -90.1970596 -- Show at Google Maps

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