Foster Falls

Foster Falls

After spending lots of time driving & hiking to Copper Creek Falls my day was nearly over.  Still, I found just enough time to reach Foster Falls near Upson/Gurney, Wisconsin.  Overall this is fairly easy to reach via county forest roads and the hike is relatively short. The biggest challenge is jumping across several small … Read more

Wren Falls

Wren Falls

My first two stops this morning took considerable amounts of time.  For the afternoon I planned to circle back through Iron County and try some remote destinations.  First up is Wren Falls near Anderson/Saxon, Wisconsin.  You can drive up via fairly well graded forest roads and park several hundred yards down the hill.  There is … Read more

Kimball Falls

Kimball Falls - View looking upstream

Heading back towards Copper Falls State Park I took a short detour for my checklist and found Kimball Falls. Yet another waterfall on the Montreal River (west fork) located in the small village of Kimball at the Town Park. Not a huge drop like some other recent spots but the park area is very quiet and … Read more

Superior Falls

Superior Falls - Front view of the falls

Not far from Saxon Falls is another waterfall that many of the locals suggest visiting.  Also located on the Montreal River at the point it flows into Lake Superior is the aptly named Superior Falls.  I wasn’t aware at the time you could view the falls from above, so my trip details hiking to the … Read more

Saxon Falls

Saxon Falls - View from trail endpoint

Heading farther north and closer to the city of Hurley, Wisconsin I found myself at a hydro-power dam that I thought was a waterfall.  Thankfully one of the trail signs cleared up my mistake and confirmed I was near Saxon Falls.  Pipes leading from the hydro dam cross the Montreal River into Michigan and eventually meet … Read more