Foster Falls

After spending lots of time driving & hiking to Copper Creek Falls my day was nearly over.  Still, I found just enough time to reach Foster Falls near Upson/Gurney, Wisconsin.  Overall this is fairly easy to reach via county forest roads and the hike is relatively short.

The biggest challenge is jumping across several small rocks below the falls to get the best angle for photos.  The falls drop around 25 feet here on the Potato River.

Here’s the view from above.  It’s a bit tricky to climb the rocks here as they are sharply sloped.  Be careful not to fall, it wouldn’t be a fun trip to the bottom!


Here’s a short video of the falls in action.  Enjoy!


Forgot to record the hiking track, sorry.  It’s not a long or difficult hike but does require some rock scrambling to reach the best views at the bottom.

Lat = 46.4226189 , Long = -90.4585495 -- Show at Google Maps

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