Foster Falls

Foster Falls

After spending lots of time driving & hiking to Copper Creek Falls my day was nearly over.  Still, I found just enough time to reach Foster Falls near Upson/Gurney, Wisconsin.  Overall this is fairly easy to reach via county forest roads and the hike is relatively short. The biggest challenge is jumping across several small … Read more

Potato River Dalles

Potato River Dalles - Waterfall tunneling through rocks

Happy Independence Day!  Started off with a bang attempting a falls I missed in the past…only to find out now (March 2020) that I once again missed my target.  Not all is lost – I did find some very cool scenery! Willard Falls [Fail] Willard Falls is located directly upstream from Potato River Falls upper … Read more

Potato River Falls

Potato River Falls - Upper falls section looking upstream

Took a midday break from Copper Falls State Park to explore the many waterfalls around Iron County.  Located near Gurney, Wisconsin just off Hwy 169 is Potato River Falls.  From the main parking area there are two trails in opposite directions for views above and below the main falls.  I started from above. Upper Falls … Read more