Capulin Volcano National Monument [Failed]

Capulin Volcano National Monument

My final stop before reaching the Gila Wilderness was at Capulin Volcano National Monument, a large extinct cinder cone volcano that you can drive up to in Capulin, New Mexico. My only mistake was stopping at the entrance sign to get these two photos. Trucks for scale. See that red truck in the first image? … Read more

Trout Falls [FAILED]

Pine View Campground - Fail at trying to locate Trout Falls

Attempted and failed to locate Trout Falls. Guides said it is nearby or within Fort McCoy. I stopped & asked permission at the Pine View Campground and they directed me to the dam at the south end of Squaw Lake. Sadly all I found at Squaw Creek was a small little row of rocks and … Read more

Polly Falls [FAILED]

Polly Falls [FAILED]

Purposely failed vising Polly Falls in the Black River Falls, WI area just to see what I could find. As I suspected everything is posted “private property” and there is no formal public access available. Maps confirm there is no public access other than by Robinson Creek or maybe Stony Creek which would require wading, … Read more

Glen Park / Boy Scout Falls [FAILED]

Glen Park - Closed for renovations until fall 2019

Visited Glen Park in River Falls, Wisconsin to attempt seeing Boy Scout Falls that I missed on my first visit. Unfortunately the park was under renovations that wouldn’t be completed until fall 2019. Everything was fenced off and lots of heavy machinery was being operated so I didn’t want to cause any trouble. Will stop … Read more

Tyler Forks Dells [Failed]

Tyler Forks Dells Falls [Failed]

Attempted Tyler Forks Dells Falls but failed with a capital F.  I did reach the parking area at the end of Moore Park Road but from there it kind of sputtered out.  Bushwhacking looked like one heck of a chore in July’s dense brush.  Temps were still around 90°F today and none of this looked … Read more

Rock Cut Falls [Failed]

Rock Cut Falls [Failed]

Intentionally failed visiting Rock Cut Falls in Hurley, Wisconsin because I was in the area & wanted to confirm via boots on the ground .  Everything is posted “Private Property” and there is no longer public access. Previously you could access Rock Cut Falls & Rapids via the Iron Horse trail but this is now … Read more

Potato River Dalles

Potato River Dalles - Waterfall tunneling through rocks

Happy Independence Day!  Started off with a bang attempting a falls I missed in the past…only to find out now (March 2020) that I once again missed my target.  Not all is lost – I did find some very cool scenery! Willard Falls [Fail] Willard Falls is located directly upstream from Potato River Falls upper … Read more

Little Bull Falls (Florence, WI) [Failed]

Little Bull Falls Florence (Fail) - View from bridge at put-in

My second fail today at Little Bull Falls in Florence, Wisconsin was intentional but I still visited to scout for future expeditions.  This one is 100% impossible unless you have whitewater paddling skills. According to the maps I can find, this small parking area is the best put-in point for a run down the Popple … Read more

Three Foot Falls Rd517 [Failed]

Threefoot Falls Rd517 - Fail

Swing and a miss today attempting Three Foot Falls (Rd517) in Marinette County.  These falls are on the Pike River about 1/2 mile away from Eighteen Foot Falls but there are no good formal trails to get there.  First part is to find County Forest Road 517 at the intersection with 12 Foot Falls Road.  … Read more

Miscauno Falls [Failed]

Miscauno Club - Private Property

Miscauno Falls is located in Beecher, Wisconsin however it is locked on private property within the Miscauno Club.  I visited anyway to see if there is contact information posted but found nothing besides a big red gate.  Doesn’t appear there is any easy public access to this area.  Failed but including on my blog for … Read more