Potato River Falls

Took a midday break from Copper Falls State Park to explore the many waterfalls around Iron County.  Located near Gurney, Wisconsin just off Hwy 169 is Potato River Falls.  From the main parking area there are two trails in opposite directions for views above and below the main falls.  I started from above.

Upper Falls

This section begins with a short hike through overgrown grass to a huge wooden staircase.  Looking down and seeing other visitors come up gasping for air always inspires confidence.  Hope you ate your Wheaties today!

The first platform you reach gives a great view of the large falls above.  These still aren’t the main falls but are very impressive in their own right.  This is where most visitors stop – further travel requires creative climbing.

If you are feeling adventurous, a short climb down the rock and root covered cliffside leads you down to the river level for views of sections not visible from above.

One last look over the edge – a great view but all that water has to go somewhere, right?

Lower Falls

Most of the lower trail is wooden staircase.  Short distance and more gradual elevation change than the upper section.  Boardwalk to the final viewing platform here seems newly rebuilt.

View of the main Potato River Falls drop.  Photo taken zoomed around 50mm but view with the naked eye is no less impressive.  You could climb down further from the last platform but I didn’t have the right gear today and it looked like bushwhacking past the final overlook.  This spot would be amazing to see with fall foliage colors.

Movie Time

Here’s a short compilation video of small clips recorded at various points of the falls.  Someday I will put more effort into this, but for now enjoy!

Hiking Data

Upper Falls section is short in distance but can turn into a grueling technical climb down to the river if you choose that path.  200 feet elevation change – don’t skip leg day at the gym!

Lower Falls section is again short in distance but still a decent elevation difference.  More gradual than the upper section and nearly all staircase.

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