Saxon Falls

Heading farther north and closer to the city of Hurley, Wisconsin I found myself at a hydro-power dam that I thought was a waterfall.  Thankfully one of the trail signs cleared up my mistake and confirmed I was near Saxon Falls.  Pipes leading from the hydro dam cross the Montreal River into Michigan and eventually meet up with a powerhouse closer to the real falls.

This area is quite beautiful with a mix of trees favoring pines.  Needles cover much of the trail and the micro-climate from the river is cooler and pleasant.

Hard to photograph the trees, but as the trail nears completion you start to get glimpses of the falls through the branches.

A hundred yards down, another opening in the trees and the full top section appears.

Just a little further the trail ends with a spectacular view of the full falls.

Notice in the center the water turns sharply 90 degrees and bends back downwards for the final drop.  Hard to photograph that section but can be seen in the video below.

Hiking Data

Overall this is a relatively easy hike as far as physical exertion is concerned.  I would caution anyone with a fear of heights (or dying) be careful near the cliff edges – seems quite easy to get close to the edge with a sense of misguided comfort while enjoying the views.  Otherwise this one is quite a hidden gem!

Lat = 46.5360336 , Long = -90.3791122 -- Show at Google Maps

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