Superior Falls

Not far from Saxon Falls is another waterfall that many of the locals suggest visiting.  Also located on the Montreal River at the point it flows into Lake Superior is the aptly named Superior Falls.  I wasn’t aware at the time you could view the falls from above, so my trip details hiking to the bottom.  To get there, it takes hiking down a huge hill covered in a rough concrete runoff, around a hydro power mill, and across a rock beach that is very uneven.

View from the main rock beach is impressive but I wanted to see more.

Here’s where the pucker factor amps up: to reach the final alcove for a front-on view of the falls, you have to become something of a tight-rope walker and carefully make your way along the rocks.  One missed step and you go into the water and possibly get hurt.  I forgot all my dry bags in the car – realized this when half-way around the bend!

Views are getting more impressive…

Looking up at the large rock cliffs.  Shear pattern of these rocks is very interesting, almost cubic.  Wouldn’t want to be here when boulders fall!

Final view of the falls from a frontal perspective.  Monday night at 5pm – I had the entire place to myself.

Here’s a short 1 minute video at this farthest point of the lower viewpoint.

One final view of Lake Superior before hiking back up that brutal concrete sludge hill.  The Montreal River is the state boundary line here – directly behind me 180° is Michigan.

Hiking Data

Not a very long hike, but the main hill down to the river/lake was not particularly fun after hiking all day.  Nothing here is flat and even, and I find these kind of rocky conditions are always the most exhausting.  Still totally worth it and I would go again!

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