Copper Falls State Park – Sunset & Astro

Home base for the past couple of days has been Copper Falls State Park.  I skipped them on this trip in favor of other destinations (see old posts here, don’t skip these if you’ve never visited before) but the weather did give me an opportunity for some fantastic night photography.  Clear Sky Charts confirm this is my one shot tonight before clouds move in.

Obligatory gratuitous photo of my Subaru adventure-mobile.  Pretty sure this was about 1/2 way through this trip with over 1,500 miles logged in the past 8 days.

While waiting for some stars to come up I watched the biggest star going down.  Loon Lake was nearly still as glass.  All was quiet with nearly zero humans around since everyone was in town for the parade & fireworks.  I like this scenery better.

After several hours napping in the car the clock struck 11 and my window was opened.  Views like this never get old.  This particular photo isn’t very high fidelity but I included it due to the unique light streak of a passing car headlights.

On the other hand this one is much clearer.  Definitely viewed best on a large PC monitor (click the photo below for an exploded full screen view).  This small photograph is one driving factor why I venture outdoors – it doesn’t get much better.

Lat = 46.3526459 , Long = -90.6469269 -- Show at Google Maps

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