Wren Falls

My first two stops this morning took considerable amounts of time.  For the afternoon I planned to circle back through Iron County and try some remote destinations.  First up is Wren Falls near Anderson/Saxon, Wisconsin.  You can drive up via fairly well graded forest roads and park several hundred yards down the hill.  There is one primitive campsite up the small trail but the road is only big enough for an OHV without scraping some paint.

Access to the falls is relatively easy and only takes hiking down a small slope.  The effort is well worth the reward in my opinion.  Here is a view directly from the end of the trail.

If you hop across some rocks on the shoreline there is one stone sticking further into the Tyler Forks River that you can stand atop for a near head-on view.  This one is definitely a hidden gem.


Here’s a short video of the falls in action.  Enjoy!


Not a long hike at all but some minor danger involved climbing down the rocks to river level.

Lat = 46.3977394 , Long = -90.5069275 -- Show at Google Maps

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