Morgan Falls / St Peters Dome

One of the most popular destinations in the entire state (and for good reason) is a 2-for-1 waterfall and panoramic view found at Morgan Falls & St. Peter’s Dome.  I stopped here last year but it was still closed due to storm damage – this year everything has been restored.

Several new wooden bridges at the start of the hike.  Big time credit to the crews who rebuilt this area, everything is in fantastic shape.

The trail forks and I decided to see the waterfall first (if you follow this blog I’m sure that’s a huge surprise).

Morgan Falls

The spur trail to Morgan Falls isn’t very long at all, maybe 1/10th of a mile.  The view at the bottom looks okay but it’s not the best angle.

The unique feature is how this falls flow down a channel in between the rock rather than just over the edge.  Best views are had from the side angle (especially if you can stand carefully on the rocks a few feet off the ground.

St Peters Dome

The rest of the hike to St. Peter’s Dome is through the heart of the forest.  There are some muddy spots, ankle-twisting rocks and roots, and it climbs upward several hundred feet.  A bit of a grind but all good things take some work.

Atop the bluff is possibly the best panoramic view in the entire state of Wisconsin.  This is the highest point in the entire Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and would be a prime destination for autumn leaf colors.  I could have spent all day here!


Here’s a short video of the falls & scenery.  Enjoy!


Overall this is a 4+ mile round trip to see both points.  If you decided just to see the falls I believe it’s much shorter, under 2 miles for sure.  As you can see from the charts it has an overall elevation gain of more than 400 feet with a sharper climb towards the end.

Lat = 46.3471718 , Long = -90.9162903 -- Show at Google Maps

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