Second & Third Trestle Falls

Morning of the 5th now and it’s another rainy day but I’m not stopping.  Next attempt is at Second & Third Trestle Falls in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest just south of Mellen, Wisconsin.

Lots of smaller rapids along the Bad River in this location.  Access is very difficult and I am not providing details – do your own research, don’t break the law, make your own choices.

Second Trestle Falls

A bit on the smaller side but photos don’t do justice for Second Trestle Falls.  There is a huge amount of water flowing here and it is very powerful.

Here’s the downstream view.  I couldn’t get much closer but there is a second drop about 50 yards from where I was standing.  Foliage here is wild & overgrown blocking sight lines.

Third Trestle Falls

After some very soggy bushwhacking here is the view of Third Trestle Falls.  I couldn’t climb out onto the rocks any further because they were extremely slippery and would have been risking too much danger.  You can see clearer views in the video over at .


Here’s a short video of both falls & some of the rapids in action.  Enjoy!


I forgot to record the trip going in so this is only 1/2 the route.  It’s a grind and I’m glad it’s over on this occasion.

Lat = 46.2778816 , Long = -90.7066116 -- Show at Google Maps

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