Frontier Bar & Campground

Frontier Bar & Campground - Fish Fry and a Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet

I stayed at Potato River Falls nearly until dark and hadn’t planned a campsite – not an oversight, just didn’t expect to take that long (but it was worth it). Although I could have just camped there at a primitive site, I badly needed a shower from the hot temperatures. Lucky for me there were … Read more

Irma’s Restaurant @ Deming, NM

Irma's Restaurant @ Deming, New Mexico - Fried Gorditas with Chicken...Muy Delicioso!

Left Benson in the early morning and started heading very far eastward. Crazy fog, clouds, wind, and some rain across I-10. Traffic on a tuesday morning is pretty light and the drive is pretty monotonous anyways so it didn’t matter. Met my dad & his co-workers for lunch at Irma’s Restaurant in Deming, New Mexico. … Read more

Kartchner Caverns State Park

Kartchner Caverns State Park - View outside the cavern entrance from afar

Weather once again killed any chance I had for hikes. The drive back from Tombstone to Benson switched between rain and sun depending which cloud was overhead at the time. It’s a flat drive with no danger like going up the mountains so I found it enjoyable to watch the drama unfold across the sky … Read more

Tombstone Historic District

Tombstone Historic District - Gunfight show at the O.K. Corral

In addition to my previous posts on the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park and the Bird Cage Theatre, here are some other sights & attractions that can be found in Tombstone’s Historic District (around Allen and Toughnut Streets). Wild West Street Scenes If you drift into a strange western town on a rainy, cloudy, early … Read more