Superior Falls (2021)

Last day of September 2021 and I’m starting off by returning to Superior Falls for things I missed in the past. Back in 2018 I explored from the bottom which also gives great views along Lake Superior (you can see that trip by clicking here). Today’s task was seeing the falls from above. I completely missed this huge hydro dam sign last time because I parked further down the way and just didn’t see it at all.

Getting to the top vantage point is incredibly easy – just follow the sign and walk along the fenceline to the left of that hydro sign. It’s an incredibly short walk.

As soon as you get into the treeline, the trail bends around 90 degrees. Keep following the fence all the way until it ends.

Here’s the view at that far point without any camera zoom to show more or less what your naked eye would see. This is a very large waterfall, and while it looks small in the picture you can still tell how big it is evey from afar.

Same spot but with a little camera zoom to get more detail. Water levels are extremely low this time of year and it’s pretty calm right now. Even during my last July 2018 trip it was much higher. Springtime levels would surely be much more turbulent.

I explored up above the falls as well, but turns out I wasn’t paying attention to my camera battery and in an epic rookie fail it died. So instead I’ll just share the drone images which still came out pretty decent. Up above the main falls there is another drop that is maybe 10 feet high. This is one spot the drone wins – you can’t get this perspective from any point on the ground.

Above that going upstream there is another 5-10 foot drop and then a long section of rocky rapids all the way up to the dam.

This is the aerial view above those rapids and the dam in the distance. Even this photo was hard to process – sunlight conditions were not ideal and over-exposing everything badly.

Here’s a close-up view on some of the rapids below. Again I’d suggest visiting in springtime to see much higher water levels which are surely more exciting than right now. On the flip-side, fall is a great time to visit since you can’t see all the rocks below until levels drop. Heck don’t listen to me and just visit anytime, it’s worth it!

And one final look at the dam and spillway that holds back the Montreal River.

Long Exposure

I played with long exposure while in the shadowy wooded viewpoint for the main falls and pushed one all the way to 10 seconds. The sun was too bright in other areas this morning so only one for today but I think it turned out pretty well.


Here’s a video of the main falls and the rapids above, mostly with the drone. Had to make a couple launches from different points to get this one and keep line of sight.

Lat = 46.5624962 , Long = -90.4155045 -- Show at Google Maps

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