Upson Falls (2021)

Weather forecast today was an unseasonably warm 80 degrees and I wanted a nice spot for lunch with some shade. It just so happened I was near Upson Community Park and today being a weekday meant it was completely deserted. I previously visited in July 2019 but sunlight was harsh that day, so this also gave me an opportunity to get some higher quality shots.

The trail starts just steps from the parking/camping area and is quite short overall. As you start ascending the rocky and rooted path, your first falls view is obscured by surrounding trees. Still, this is the highest perspective you can get without a drone (which I don’t think are restricted but I didn’t feel like using mine here as I just wanted to enjoy the walk).

One advantage of the obscured viewpoint is the most direct view of the upper-most drop. All other vantage points are from the side or require you to go wading/swimming.

Walking down and around the rocks gives a much more open view of the “main” falls that drop some 10-20 feet. I spent quite a bit of time sitting here soaking in the scenery. Contrasting orange/brown fallen leaves against the green/blue moss-covered rocks, along with the tall yellow canopy above, resulted in quite the idyllic autumn setting.

With a little bit of cautious and creative rock-hopping I was able to see a more direct wide-angle view to capture all the individual drops. Right now with the low water levels, the main falls consists of 4-5 separate streams, and the upper falls is a serene trickle.

Here’s a closer look at those upper falls from the trailside. Notice the upper drop is several feet with more rapids and small shelves falling below. I’d imagine this flows much stronger in springtime and those rocks would be completely submerged.

Long Exposure

Only grabbed one long-exposure today from the lower right viewpoint of the main falls. This one was 2 seconds giving the best blend of sharpness on the leaves and smoothness in the white water ribbons.


Here’s a short video of all the falls as I walked along the trail. Should you find yourself in this remote part of Wisconsin definitely make a quick visit!

Lat = 46.3701096 , Long = -90.4113083 -- Show at Google Maps

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