Hwy 77 Rapids

Quick stop in Upson, Wisconsin to check out some possible new features. Parking on the shoulder where Hwy 77 meets the Tyler Forks River, I launched the drone to do some exploration. Not far north off the highway is Hwy 77 Rapids, a small single chute-type drop. Right now it’s rather unspectacular, but notice the high water lines on the surrounding rocks. I’d wager in springtime this is much more exciting.

Now further north from those rapids is a waterfall of some sort, but it is surrounded by private land. Unfortunately there is no way to reach it via drone so it will remain a mystery for now. Heading back upstream towards the road is a line of rocks that also looks quite unremarkable today but would be completely submerged in wetter seasons.

There are some other small rapids south of Hwy 77 and under a huge tunnel through the taller cliffside. I can’t tell why this was made, but based on the terrain shape it seems there are old railway tracks or a trail on top of the ridge. It’s all private land so I can’t say for sure.

Here’s a closer look at the small rocky patch. I was only able to see a bit further upstream and there is nothing immediately above this point worth seeing. Impossible to fly any further due to the large hill.

Looking back at the road you can see another small ledge or row of rocks. Couldn’t get any closer, too many overhead branches in the flight path. And that’s a wrap for today – fun to explore but not much to see here.


Here’s a short video of the small rapids in this area. I don’t suggest wasting time flying a drone here – it’s a very tight corridor with lots of branches and the rapids are so small it just isn’t worth the risk.

Lat = 46.348218 , Long = -90.494663 -- Show at Google Maps

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