Trimbelle River Falls

Another quick stop in Ellsworth, Wisconsin to see another teeny tiny rapids/falls, also on the Trimbelle River. This one doesn’t have a name other than being called Trimbelle River Falls. Access is very easy via the short trails within the Trimbelle Recreation Area (aka Trimbelle Acres County Park).

From the trail sign, it’s a very short and easy walk (only about 0.1 miles each way) along the mowed grass paths that wind through a nice meadow along the river. Skies are a bit gray and there is some light rain but this is typical Wisconsin fall scenery.

If you look for a small bridge crossing the river you will find the falls just upstream. It only drops 6-12 inches so be prepared this one isn’t a big torrential monster.

Here’s a view from above while standing on the bridge. Again, quite a small “falls”. The more interesting part is just how crystal clear the water is – might be some of the cleanest and clearest looking water I’ve ever seen. This shouldn’t be surprising though as Pierce County partnered with the Wisconsin DNR to create trout habitat along this section.

Another angled view from the shoreline. I will say even though it is small this one is quite photogenic. As the water drops in the center of the river it almost has a green hue to it, but green like an old classic Coke bottle. Very clear water and a peaceful area to take a walk.

Lat = 44.7259064 , Long = -92.5777206 -- Show at Google Maps

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