Minhas Brewery Museum

After hiking New Glarus Woods State Park I had some time to kill before going home.  Stopped off at the Minhas Craft Brewery to check out their setup.  Tons of old memorabilia here in a multi-part “museum”!

Minhas was founded in 1845 and is the oldest brewery in the Midwest (2nd oldest in the entire USA).  Several rooms on the main level are home to old posters, cans, and other beer-related items not just from Minhas but a plethora of other companies.

Make sure to check out the basement area – has the feel of an epic midwestern-style man cave!

Downstairs the tour continues with wall posters, larger items such as wagons, tap handles, and more.

Several huge glass cases in the center contain antique model trains and die-cast cars.

More items on the adjacent wall.  I love the Grizzly Adams Pabst poster with him & the bear.

Back upstairs on the main level there are two bars where you can sample Minhas’ brews and take a guided tour.  I was several hours early today and couldn’t wait around but would definitely come back again!

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