New Glarus Brewery

A visit to the town of New Glarus and hiking at New Glarus Woods State Park without visiting New Glarus Brewery isn’t a complete visit at all, is it?

The town of New Glarus has very old Swiss heritage with many buildings crafted in that style, including the brewery’s main Hilltop location.

At the entrance road you can view one of their hop gardens (though I’m not sure this is large enough for their entire production run, maybe just a showpiece).

Inside the main building 1st level is a beer shop where you can grab some of the freshest product to take home.

On the 2nd level through the gift shop you can wander the facility on a self-guided tour (staff-led tours are only on Fridays by reservation and booked very far out).  Near the start is a room containing all the medals & trophies from past beer competitions.

Huge copper brew kettles are installed with cutaway views demonstrating how the beer is produced.

In a central area there is a small 30-liter pilot brewery.  This one is interesting to me because it gives a more complete picture of the brewing process all in one scene.

Huge stainless steel pipes run throughout the plant.  Industrial equipment might not be exciting for everyone but you have to admit the sheer scale of things like this are impressive.

And at the end of the line are lines for canning, bottling, and packaging of the final product.  Since it’s Sunday there aren’t any workers – I wonder if during the week this is bustling with activity?

Not pictured here are the gift shop and outdoor tasting patio but both are worth a visit for merch & some delicious beer.  Check it out and make sure to buy some locally made cheese from stores in the area, you won’t regret it!

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