Gilmer Falls

Welcome to the start of my July road trip circling the state of Wisconsin!  First stop is at Gilmers Falls (aka as Ziemers Falls) on the Red River in Gresham, Wisconsin.  Access is very easy by hiking down a very short slope from a dirt parking area.

Swarms of White Admiral butterflies were sunning themselves and floating playfully on the summer breezes.

The falls themselves consist of several small drops & rapids followed by a larger one at the bottom.  Even with a wide angle it’s impossible to get everything in one frame.  Here is part of the upper section.  Better shots can be seen in the video below.

And here is the lower-most and largest drop from upstream.  All other downstream land is private so this is the only angle but it’s definitely worth the trip.

Video (4K)

Starting with this trip I’m adding a GoPro Hero 7 Black into the mix.  Should allow me to take more stable hiking & hyperlapse videos for longer content.  Also trying out DaVinci Resolve for editing and so far really dig the features.  Don’t forget to set quality to 4K and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more!

Hiking Data

As you can see this one is very easy to access.  Just be sure if you walk/hop across the rocks like I did to be careful otherwise it’s a long swim back!

Lat = 44.8430328 , Long = -88.7226715 -- Show at Google Maps

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