Keshena Falls

My journey today is now carrying me into Menominee County through the Menominee Indian (Native American) reservation.  Next destination is Keshena Falls, an amazing waterfall & rapids on the Wolf River.

A small bridge allows the road to cross the largest rapids.  The river gets very wide in this spot and splits around a central island feature.

Further downstream is a small parking area allowing you to see the bridge from the opposite angle…

And also allows viewing of the main Keshena Falls feature that rambles down a rocky slope some 10-20 feet and is more beautiful than my pictures can convey.

For anyone who hasn’t been here it’s fantastically beautiful and the people are extremely friendly, go check it out and support the local community!

Video (4K)

Here’s a short video of Keshena Falls and the upstream rapids.  Enjoy!

Lat = 44.8925858 , Long = -88.6526718 -- Show at Google Maps

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