Big Smokey Falls

From Big Eddy Falls it only takes a short & scenic drive north on WIS 55 to reach Big Smokey Falls.  The area is open to the public but I’ve heard they sometimes charge a $5 fee during the peak summer months.  Views upstream on the Wolf River are quite serene by contrast.

A large bridge crosses the first falls and provides warning signs for any boaters who missed the take-out points.

Looking down the first falls from atop the bridge.  Another branch of the Wolf River converges here (right side of frame) and the banks get very wide.

Once across the bridge a very short hike along the rocky cliffs lets you see the first falls from below.  You can really feel the crashing water in your chest cavity here!

A short hike further upstream on the second river branch leads to a much different type of waterfall.  This one is equally large & impressive but cascades across a much longer distance.  Hard to photograph due to tree cover, don’t get too close to the edge!

This must be peak migration season for the White Admiral butterflies, they seem to be everywhere.

One last look downriver from the second branch/falls.  Scenery and weather today is hard to beat!


Here’s a video compilation of the falls – almost better views versus the photos due to the GoPro’s wide angle lens.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

No hiking info today, forgot to turn on the tracking.  It’s a pretty short and easy walk to the main falls, and hiking to the second branch isn’t too difficult.

Lat = 45.0175781 , Long = -88.6356812 -- Show at Google Maps

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