White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument

An hour away from Las Cruces on the way back to Wisconsin is White Sands National Monument.  Known for its very rare almost pure white sand dunes, it seems almost out of place compared to the other local landscape.  Interesting fact: at 275 square miles, it is the largest gypsum dune field in the world. … Read more

2016 Road Trip – Westward Bound

Celebrate the National Park Centennial - 100 Years of Service

Thanks to a mandatory 30-day furlough from work, I have been afforded a great opportunity to take a western US road trip vacation.  The idea originated after learning my Dad was awarded an elk hunting tag for New Mexico Unit 34 and the season fell during the same month period.  Since I have 3 weeks of free … Read more

2011 Las Cruces, NM Vacation

Visited my family in Las Cruces, New Mexico back in October 2011 and had a blast!  Here are some photos of our adventures for your enjoyment.  Will update the captions and such at some point in the future if I get the time! White Sands National Monument Prehistoric Trackways National Monument National Solar Observatory/ Sacramento … Read more