Joshua Tree National Park – Hidden Valley

Final stop for the day was a race against sundown to hike the box canyon at Hidden Valley.

One of the plaques along the nature trail details how this was once a forest covered in trees and is now relict or restricted to a smaller area than was once found.

Not really much to say – this place is beautiful.  The low sun was throwing some amazing orange shades onto the rocky peaks. (Don’t forget to click photos for more detailed full-screen views!)

Another view with bright golden rocks contrasting against lower-lying shadow covered boulders.

This one taken with my iPhone 8 came out in a more pastel tone and might be my favorite of the bunch.

This area is very popular with rock climbers and has several marked courses.  Here two people relax and watch the sunset above the valley.

More views from the canyon bottoms.  If you didn’t know better you might think this was another planet.

Exhibit B – Is this California desert or an alien world?

This ridge is known as the Great Burrito and attracts many climbers.  I approve of their naming scheme.  Mmmm burrito…

I watched this climber for far longer than I should have.  He made it very close to the top before losing hold.  I don’t know anything about the sport but he must be decent given how vertical & smooth this rock is.

As the sunlight fades and I exit the canyon I grabbed one last look across the desert.  Can you spot the lone rock climber silhouetted on the horizon?

Hiking Data

Overall this is a fairly easy hike.  At this time of day I only saw one other hiker but numerous rock climbers.  Would recommend checking this one out!

Lat = 34.012352 , Long = -116.1676331 -- Show at Google Maps

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