Joshua Tree – Hidden Valley

Joshua Tree - Hidden Valley

Final stop for the day was a race against sundown to hike the box canyon at Hidden Valley. One of the plaques along the nature trail details how this was once a forest covered in trees and is now relict or restricted to a smaller area than was once found. Not really much to say … Read more

Joshua Tree – Split Rock

Joshua Tree - Split Rock Loop

Lunchtime was over and it was back to the trails.  Right across the street from Live Oak was the popular Split Rock Loop. Split Rock itself can be found right behind the trail head sign. Probably the best info sign I have seen yet, this one carried a simple message: “THIS IS A COOL PLACE … Read more

Interstate State Park – Part 1

Interstate State Park - Ice Age Trail western terminus overlooking St. Croix River

Yesterday I arrived at Interstate State Park, setup camp, and almost immediately set off searching for waterfalls in the surrounding area.  Not quite sure I did it in that order, just a habit when I’m camping at a site for multiple nights my first day is always getting the “lay of the land”.  Weather was a … Read more