Lost Creek Falls

Continued heading east on Hwy 13 back towards Cornucopia, Wisconsin.  Sunshine was popping through the clouds and temperatures were in the mid 70’s.  Perfect conditions to take an easy hike and check out Lost Creek Falls.

Path start off as crushed gravel and transition to huge sections of boardwalk.  The trail is extremely well maintained and not very difficult.  Distance from to the falls is about 1.5 miles.

Access to the creek is gained by walking down a short series of switchbacks that are well worn and not too steep.  Large rocks and sand mounds let you reach the falls without even getting your feet wet.  You can even climb behind the falls in a cove and look back through the water.

Best view (in my opinion) was looking directly at the falls from the middle of the creek.

I’ve seen photos online of the section above the falls but I chose not to go off-path as the vegetation here seems more fragile.  I did go downstream through the creek to explore a bit further.  Rocks here are smooth and easy to do in bare feet.

Less than 100 yards from the main falls there is another medium-size cascade/falls that nobody else seems to visit.

Here’s a short compilation video of the falls.  If you have time and don’t mind getting wet, definitely check it out!

Hiking Data

Overall I felt this was a very easy hike and for the most part I was taking my sweet time.  Looking at the data you can see there is a 200ft elevation difference but during the hike you wouldn’t notice this since it’s spread over the entire distance.  Excellent hike for a hot summer day.

Lat = 46.8350601 , Long = -91.1205597 -- Show at Google Maps

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