Nelson Dewey State Park

The plan for today was just a quick daytrip with short hikes.  After Belmont Mount was a bust, I tried my luck next at Nelson Dewey State Park.  Just picked up a new Forester so any good excuse for a drive will do.

Much like Belmont Mound, this site only has about 2 miles of trails.  Also like Belmont Mound, mosquitoes were unbearable without a head net.  Hiking was once again completely miserable but I did finish the short Cedar Trail before throwing in the towel.

One thing Nelson Dewey does have are great views looking over the Mississippi River.  Some of the walk-in campsites perch right on the side of these cliffs and are usually the most popular spots (something I fully intend to return for).

Hiking Data

Hot.  Mosquitoes.  No fun.  Will come back another day.

Lat = 42.7349892 , Long = -91.0190201 -- Show at Google Maps

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