Belmont Mound State Park

Had some free time on Memorial Day weekend for a short day trip.  Decided to head southwest and start at Belmont Mound State Park.  This is a small park & State Natural Area operated by the local Lions Club.

Main feature is an observation tower that still stands but has been permanently closed by the DNR (rumored reason is too many suicide jumpers).

Recent storms made the mosquito population explode overnight.  I made a critical mistake leaving my bug head net at home, and when paired with temps in the 90s hiking was no fun.

Hiking Data

Hike was cut short because mosquitoes were about to carry me away.  Trails do go further into the woods but I don’t expect views to be much different – it’s a very densely wooded area overall.  Might swing back another day to finish exploring.

Lat = 42.7691612 , Long = -90.3490219 -- Show at Google Maps

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