Wade House Historic Site

Winter is taking forever to wrap up in Wisconsin.  I was getting a little stir crazy and decided to check off another stop on my Wisconsin State Park list by visiting the Wade House Historic Site. (technically this is a former state park but much like Pokemon I gotta catch ’em all).

During summertime there are many more activities to see – carriage tours, re-enactments, period-correct cosplay, and buildings listed on the National Register.  But since this was before Memorial Day only the carriage museum was accessible.  This self-guided tour contains restored wagons from all eras of carriage transport before railroads & cars became widespread.  Old flyers for can be found on the walls, and one display even highlights how Kenosha had the largest carriage manufacturer (something I didn’t know and I live there).

Most interesting displays for me were the steam-powered fire engine and several brewery carts from vendors no longer in existence.  They also have a small Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit in honor of his 150th birthday (he was born in Wisconsin).

Honestly I can’t say I take much interest in the subject matter but the visitor center is top-notch and could be fun for you history buffs.

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