Big Bay State Park – Bay View + Point Trail Loop

Bit of a late start this morning (had to move campsites, was the only way I could get a last minute reservation) but sometime around 10am I was on the trail.  Agenda for the morning was to hike Bay View and Point Trails looping back to the campground.  I started from camp towards the Bay View trail head going counter-clockwise.

Not much during the first leg of this trail other than sparse views of the bay & one informational sign detailing a large storm causing tree blowdown from 1991.

You can still see the giant tree rootballs exposed from the 100mph winds of this storm.  Nearly 30 years later and vegetation still isn’t fully grown to restore the canopy but is still quite dense.

The real attraction on this trail are the amazing coastal island views  along Lake Superior.  Reddish rocks, green trees, and aquamarine water – doesn’t get much better than this.

Here’s a wider view near the eastern coast.  The rocky shoreline weaves in & out making several smaller bays like this.  Waters are crystal clear showing the large boulders and sandstone shelves below.

Here’s another perspective of the same area from further down the trail.  You can climb onto the rocks at many points but some offer better opportunity for swimming and cliff jumping if that’s your thing.

At the intersection of Bay View and Point Trails a group of kayaks were finishing their lunch break and heading back out.

All tandem kayaks and everyone seemed to be having a good time – thankfully no divorces appeared imminent.  Waters were calm and flat, temperatures were almost perfect around 75°F.

After spending plenty of time soaking in the scenery it was time to finish my hike.  One last look before heading back inland.

The short remaining section of the Point Trail was wooded but still gave glimpses of the gentle waters.  Great day for this hike.

At trails end I walked back through the park main entrance and to the campgrounds.  Since the other trails were closed from storm damage this was everything I could do for this expedition.  Quite a unique place to visit in Wisconsin that I highly recommend visiting if you have the chance.


In total my loop was just shy of 4 miles but it’s a very flat & easy distance to make.  No question I would suggest doing this solely for the coastline views, they are some of the best scenery you will find in Wisconsin.

Lat = 46.7948341 , Long = -90.6521454 -- Show at Google Maps

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