Chiricahua National Monument – Sunset at Massai Point

Light was fading fast after hiking Sugarloaf Mountain so I drove just up to the end of Bonita Canyon Drive where it dead ends at the Massai Point Overlook. Many trails begin (or end) here and it’s quite a large parking lot offering near 360-degree views although not quite as unobstructed. Had a quick dinner while I watched nature’s greatest show unfold in the skies. Here’s what Chiricahua Peak looks like in the far distance.

Turning directly west into the sun the light show becomes more dramatic by an order of magnitude. Full panoramic views are blocked by the trees but this is still one of the most vivid sunsets I’ve ever seen. Even though my photos are gently processed I try to keep them realistic but I am not exagerrating in saying the real life view was even more vivid.

Here’s another image standing in the exact same spot but my camera changed some properties resulting in a different exposure. If you have ever photographed a sunset you know that it rapidly changes at this stage – one minute it can be blindingly bright, the next moment you blink and the stars have taken over.

Here’s a short timelapse I shot with my GoPro Hero7 but it’s over-exposed due to camera limitations. Oh well, still a fun little video. Afterwards I headed back to camp and made some friends in the adjoining site (and on the other side had to deal with inconsiderate drunks). Freezing cold temps in the low 20°F range forced me into the truck but overall still a good day. Some great hiking ahead tomorrow, more to come!


Author’s Note: Due to many reasons – none of them very good – I’m posting this from the future in May 2022. Actual visit date/time December 12, 2019 6:11pm. I’ll backdate it later so as to maintain chronological order. I’ve got an overwhelming backlog of photos to process which is probably why I procrastinate. Hope you enjoy them all the same.

Lat = 32.0071564 , Long = -109.3124542 -- Show at Google Maps

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