Eau Galle Spillway

Another quick stop for my checklist at Eau Galle Spillway. Not really interested much in man-made “waterfalls” but since I wasn’t far away I decided to make the drive just for laughs. Access is very easy via Eau Galle Park which is just a small roadside stop that time has forgotten and looks to be used very rarely.

Just steps from the parking area you can see the spillway. It’s kinda nice but not really my thing. One oddity is how every named feature here are the same damn (pun intended) thing: the park, river, lake/reservoir, spillway, dam, and town are all called Eau Galle.

Very rural and remote spot that I can say was visited and glad I can move to the next stop. Forward!

Lat = 44.6937981 , Long = -92.0099411 -- Show at Google Maps

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