Gibraltar Rock

Our short ferry ride across Lake Wisconsin was specifically because it’s the fastest way to reach Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area from the north.  This is also a section along the Ice Age Trail.

The trail is mainly pine and cedar but has a wide variation depending on where you are.  Trails today were quite pleasant and bugs weren’t too bad.

Once at the top there are several viewpoints on the butte overlooking what seems like all of creation.  Blue skies and puffy clouds certainly don’t hurt the aesthetic.

Another angle from the next rock over.  I could have taken better photos with the rocky cliffs but it was very busy today and we were mostly just enjoying the scenery.  Sometimes it’s more about being in the moment.

Generally when you see USGS survey markers there’s something worth looking at nearby.  Elevation 1,246 feet above sea level – relatively high for our state (Lake Michigan is around 575 feet for reference).

At the top there is a plaque labeling the area “Richmond Memorial Park of The Rocks Of Gibraltar.”  Thank you Gilbert & Ruth Richmond for donating this land so future generations will enjoy it!

Another view from the left-most viewpoint.  Here you can how the rocks come through the trees along the cliffs edge.  Turkey vultures were circling in this area but I couldn’t switch lenses fast enough to capture them well.

One last look across the forests & farms below.  This is what peak Wisconsin springtime scenery looks like in lower Wisconsin farmlands.

Hiking Data

Although there is over 200 feet of vertical ascent it didn’t really seem that bad to me.  Strap on your hiking shoes and visit this place for some great scenery!

Lat = 43.342926 , Long = -89.6006241 -- Show at Google Maps

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