Lake of the Falls

Plans today went sideways in a hurry.  Intended to camp at Beaver Lake near Marengo but the black flies were overwhelming.  Spent lots of time driving in search of campsites and ended up at Copper Falls State Park ecstatic they had one open site left.  Rain would take over in the evening but I’ll save that for another post.  In my waning hours of sunlight I was able to visit Lake of the Falls in Mercer, Wisconsin.  I started at a small parking area off County FF and Popko Circle at this barrier.

Crossing the bridge you can see upstream where calmer waters are briefly interrupted by a retaining barrier of some kind made to look natural.

Downstream views over the falls don’t really show much, other than the river opening into the “lake”.

Below the bridge is a small “falls” but I’m not sure if this is partially man-made or not.  Still looks pretty cool.

Hiking around through a small trail within the county park leads you to the bottom of the falls.  It’s quite hot today and the shade is a welcome bonus.

The falls are split in two by a small island in the center.  Here is a view of the left side falls which drops only a few feet but cascades more if you count further upstream.

And here is the right side of the falls which drops several feet.  Nothing too spectacular but still very enjoyable – I am yet to find a bad waterfall!


Here’s a short video of the falls.  Enjoy!


Very easy and short hike that anyone can do.  I’m sure that on less busy weekends you can even park directly in the county park and just walk up to the falls making it even easier.

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