Martin Cemetery

Heading north to continue my waterfall & hiking journeys.  For this leg I was camping in Tipler, Wisconsin which is where my family had once lived.  Decided to visit the Martin Cemetery which is named for our family.

This is a very small town – population 200 – and also a very small cemetery of less than 100 graves total.  A main driveway runs through the middle of and loops around in the back.

Photo from the other side of the driveway.  Several family names scattered throughout, wish I knew more about the history.

I myself only personally knew two of the residents.  One is my great uncle Allen Martin and his wife Vivian (Viv).  He lived in Florida but I recall him visiting often when I was a child.  He was the twin brother of my grandfather Alvin Martin.

The other was my great uncle Calvin (Cal) Martin and his wife Ida (Marie).  I remember him visiting my grandfather when I was a child but not much else other than he seemed to be a very pleasant person.

Cal had also served in the Army during WWII.  Anyone who served in the military had a 2nd bronze marker at their grave.

Lots of dragonflies flitting around but they were wary of me & the camera.  I don’t recall seeing them with this specific coloration but apparently these are called a Common whitetail and are very prevalent.


I decided to record a walk-through of the entire Martin Cemetery seeing as nobody else had recorded video of this on YouTube.  I hope this will allow people who cannot physically visit in-person to see their relatives headstones.

Family Feedback

Adding comments here as I receive them from family members to look back on in the future.

“I remember my father talking about a lot of names buried there.  I was only present for my uncle Joes funeral there.  It was my first wake/funeral I attended as a teen.  John R and Sally were my Grandma and Grandpa.  They probably held me as a child, but I have no memory of them.” – Jan 7, 2020 from my father Scott Martin

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  1. What a wonderful write up Adam! I have very fond memories of visiting there. There must be some family who could help with the history of the family land and stories so you can document it.


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