Lost Lake Recreation Area

Basecamp for the next several days is at Lost Lake Recreation Area campground.  This is a small site in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest that sits on an 86-acre lake and is a fantastic spot for a quiet family vacation.  I didn’t have much time left today so I did the only thing that seemed reasonable: setup camp + hopped in the kayak with a couple of beers for a nice evening float.

The water was nearly mirror still except for my paddle stroked and the occasional fish jumping or bird diving.  Skies were a bit overcast but conditions were otherwise perfect right around 75 degrees.

Including this photo because it almost looks fake (it looked surreal in person too!).  Downed tree reflecting off the still water in a sea of green tree color.

One very fortunate event was witnessing a rare common loon.  From what I can tell on nearby signage this one is part of a mated pair and they are considered protected in Wisconsin.  Very cool that I was paddling no more than 20 yards away and he didn’t seem to mind my presence.

After a few cold brewskis it was time to hit the hay and rest up for tomorrow’s adventures.  A hazy sunset was a fitting send off to bed.


Here’s a short video of me paddling around the lake and alongside the loon.  Enjoy!

Lat = 45.8832893 , Long = -88.5591354 -- Show at Google Maps

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