Smalley Falls

First day of July and my first marching orders today are to see the fantastic Smalley Falls in Niagara, Wisconsin.  Getting to the parking area is fairly easy and it’s only a short 250 yard hike but take caution as there are some steep/dangerous spots.

Once you manage the short trail there is high reward at this very unique falls.  Views from above show the falls stretch across maybe about 100 yards or more and have a significant drop.

Here’s a closer view without the obstructing trees near what I would call the “middle” of this section.

Another angle a bit upstream on the North Branch Pemebonwon River.  The best part of this area is the plethora of different viewpoints.

Standing atop that flat rock above in the middle of the river now for a direct shot – this is about 1/2 way up what I would consider the entire falls.  Most sites online quote overall drop at 10 feet but I bet it’s closer to 50 feet from the very top (just nobody bothers climb all the way up there).

Looking downstream now standing on that flat rock.  Even from here it drops quite a distance.  Lots of water moving quickly!


Here’s a short video of the falls & surrounding area.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

Overall a very nice hike with some sections I would rate moderately dangerous.  Nothing to be too afraid of if you have good shoes, good knees, and it isn’t rainy/wet on the rocks.  Be careful you don’t unintentionally go swimming!

Lat = 45.6949615 , Long = -87.9457932 -- Show at Google Maps

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