Long Slide Falls

A short drive up the road from Smalley Falls and still on the North Branch Pemebonwon River is Long Slide Falls.  Access can be found via Long Slide Falls County Park.

Marinette county parks require a $5 fee but that entry charge is good for as many parks as you can reach in a day.  Don’t skip the fee, it helps maintain parks and they are regularly patrolled and ticketed!

Marinette county waterfalls are usually marked by these blue signs.  This one is sponsored by Marinette County Trout Unlimited which does great conservation work for our natural resource health.

The hike itself to upper-most falls is very short with minimal rock scrambling.  Reaching this spot only takes minutes from the parking lot.

Looking downstream from the same spot.  This is the top of the “lower” falls which are much larger.

Getting to the lower falls section requires a much steeper descent but is do-able if you are moderately able-bodied.  Take your time and choose a safe route!

Here’s a tighter shot of the lower falls to show more detail.  This area is popular with trout fisherman and the rapids below the falls were quite busy this morning.

This must be peak White Admiral season – they have been everywhere I go the past few days.

This pair didn’t mind my presence at all and were giving quite the show!


Here’s a short video of my hike to the falls.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

Not very long distance but the steep sections can be tricky if you are in a hurry.  Take your time, don’t rush, and you won’t have any trouble.  This one is 100% worth the trek!

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