Quiver Falls Rapids

Now heading further east in Marinette County near Pembine/Kremlin, Wisconsin, I was in search of Quiver Falls on the Menominee River.  Bullet holes in the State Recreation Area sign are nice, eh?

Just a few steps from the main parking lot is the best view of the rapids below.  Why is this called a “falls” and not just a “rapids”?  Sadly the actual falls are on the other side of this river island requiring a kayak or viewing from the Michigan side – neither were in the cards today.

Downstream there is a small trail constructed for canoe/kayak portages around the rapids.

Another view of the wood & gravel steps heading down to the river.  It’s not very long or far.  I might return here when I get a faster kayak to try and paddle around the island.

At river level you can see the tail end of the rapids and clear views of the island.  I believe these are BLM land which means you can probably primitive camp there.

Another angle downstream of the rapids.  The Menominee River is quite wide here and water is really moving but this is a quiet eddy and good entry point for the kayak.

Lots of Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterflies here soaking in the sun’s rays.


Here’s a short video of the rapids.  Need to come back with more kayaking experience to see the actual falls.  Enjoy!

Hiking Data

Not much hiking here but including to show a map of the islands and river.  Actual waterfall is on the east side of the islands.

Lat = 45.6538429 , Long = -87.8244934 -- Show at Google Maps

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