Pemene Falls

Continuing along the Menominee River in White Pine Haven, Wisconsin my next stop at Pemene Falls carried me into Faithorn Township, Michigan as the best access point.  From the parking area it’s only a short walk to the falls down a dirt path.  Lots of rapids upstream and downstream.

From above the falls looking down it’s a bit obscured by large rocks and concrete supports for an old bridge that used to straddle the river between states.

Climbing back up the trail for some elevation gives a better overall view around the falls (apologies for poor color, still image exported from a GoPro video was the widest shot I took).

Views of the falls from below are better but somewhat far away and still obscured by rocks.

Here’s another angle slightly further downstream.  Here you can see more of the falls but it would still be viewed better from above.  Wisconsin side looks quite rugged but it would be an ideal vantage point.

One last look downstream below the falls.  Several fishermen in boats were casting in the turbulent rapids where fish likely collect to feed.


Here’s a short video of the falls & rapids.  Admittedly not my best work – I was still getting used to my new GoPro and frankly wasn’t sure yet what would turn out well.  Still a beautiful area, enjoy!

Hiking Data

Not a very long or difficult hike at all but does require climbing down some imperfect stairs and rocks.  Be careful getting directly next to the falls from the Michigan side – depending on water levels this can be very dangerous!  I didn’t see this from the Wisconsin side today but it appears to be possible via a short hike.  Might check this out again later.

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