mewithoutYou @ Concord Music Hall

Was able to see my favorite band mewithoutYou again January 2020 at Concord Music Hall in Chicago, IL during Thrice’s 15 year anniversary tour for the album “Vheissu”. Venue has a no camera policy so everything was taken in potato vision from my iPhone 8. Best photo was before the show during sound checks when more lights were on.

Opening act was Drug Church, a post-punk/post-hardcore style band. They sounded OK. I was in the very back and sound quality wasn’t very good – maybe it’s just their gear?

Second up was mewithoutYou. They played well but sound quality is confirmed very bad in the entire venue (I moved for a bit, not better up close). Disappointed for them because I know how good they actually sound.

Another shot of mewithoutYou. Believe this was Aaron playing Magic Lantern Days while everyone else re-tuned and swapped instruments but not 100% sure on that.

Headliners are of course Thrice. To be honest I had never listened to them before, just not my style. Amazing set backdrop and lightshow. They sounded OK and markedly better quality than the other acts but still very muddy. I would conclude the Concord Music Hall just sucks for acoustics.

Decided to boogie before the end of Thrice’s set – lots of talking and wasn’t my jam (no discredit to them). Took a walk up to the side balconies for a view of the packed crowd below in front of the stage. I’m too old for that shit anymore.

Concord has a decent vibe but sound quality kills it for me. Best part? This giant sugar skull mural on the stairway wall. Some very talented artists on that one.

FYI to anyone else coming here – Chicago street parking sucks balls. Prepare to lose some paint getting in & out of tight spaces.

Screen captures of mewithoutYou’s Instagram following the show gives a setlist and confirmation of future 2020 planned shows. [UPDATE: Since I’m posting from the future aka June 2020 of course we now know that COVID-19 looked at these plans and said “Hold my beer”. The band did confirm later on they still plan on final tours if and when the pandemic is over.]

Bonus: Vasily Kafanov, the artist for all mewithoutYou’s album artworks, was selling these $5 one-off “Fishtower” small paintings. I got mine sometime early March and couldn’t be happier with how it looks. Not sure he is still doing this one but you can check out his other works on his website and Instagram. If his name sounds familiar it’s because he also did work for the Smashing Pumpkins.

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